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Wheelchair Platform Lift

When a loved one’s mobility becomes limited, we often find the stairs being the first obstacle for them. As conditions worsen, we have to consider our options. Can they live on one floor of the home and avoid the stairs altogether? Sure, they can. But who doesn’t want to sleep in the comfort of their own bed. Or worse, what if a bathroom doesn’t exist on the first floor? Perhaps moving to a one-story home or assisted living facility is a better alternative. However, moving isn’t just about leaving a house; it’s about leaving a home full of memories. Besides, moving costs and headaches can quickly add up, making it an unappealing choice. Thankfully, there are other solutions! These solutions allow your loved one to stay living in their own home while still having access to all floors.

Vertical Platform Lifts / Wheelchair platform lift

A vertical platform lift – also known as a wheelchair platform lift or porch lift – was specifically designed as a means to facilitate wheelchair users from getting from one level to another. The platform allows the user to easily roll themselves on before ascending/descending.

A vertical platform lift is most akin to an elevator by moving between floors vertically. However unlike an elevator, there is no shaft or enclosure, which provides an additional layer of safety by protecting the user from the edge. This is why you are probably most familiar with seeing these types of lifts installed outside of a home. Porch lifts are a great solution when transferring someone just a few feet.

When installing a vertical platform lift, some structural modifications to your home will most likely occur to get it to fit. While cheaper than a home elevator, a ballpark figure for these types of lifts is $10,000 – $15,000 plus the cost of any renovations required. Installation usually takes just a few days.

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