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Tub Cut / Shower Conversion

Did you know it is possible to have an opening cut in the front wall of your bathtub and convert your existing tub into a walk-in shower?

Benefits and features of The Aging In Place Store Tub Cut / Shower Conversion include:

  • Eliminates the need to rip out the existing tub.
  • Provides easier access into bath / shower area.
  • Reduces the possibilities of falls.
  • Typically Installed in less than one day.
  • Cost to install is a fraction of the cost compared to expensive bathroom remodeling job.
  • Inexpensive and ideal solution for personal residences, senior housing, hotels and other locations.

People that would most benefit from The Aging In Place Store Tub Cut / Shower Conversion

Persons who have trouble stepping over the bathtub wall or lifting their legs over the bathtub wall while using a tub bench to enter the bathtub Or facilities with clients with accessible needs such as public apartment buildings, senior housing, hotels and other locations.

How Does The Aging In Place Store Tub Cut Out / Shower Conversion Work?

The Tub Cut / Shower Conversion is a prefabricated part that is shaped like an upside down “U”. It gets fixed in place on top of the exposed edges, creating a smooth, finished surface. Tub caps come in pre-fixed sizes, therefore, it is important to cut the opening in the tub wall to exactly match the cap size selected. Be aware, the tub cap does protrude a little bit above the top of the tub wall and outwards from the face of the tub wall (much like a doorframe does around a doorway). After the tub to shower conversion has been completed, a few inch threshold will still remain at the bottom of the opening. The remaining threshold combined with a shower curtain will work together to keep the water inside, effectively turning your bathtub into a walk-in shower stall.

FAQ’s About The Aging In Place Store Tub Cut Out / Shower Conversion

  • What if someone still wants the option of taking a soaking bath?

    If you choose the Tub Cut Out / Shower Convertible Unit with Water-Tight Plug or Swing Door, you will still have the ability to use your tub just like you normally would for soaking and bathing. We will need to know before installation if this is the style you would like.

  • Can The Aging In Place Store Tub Cut Out / Shower Conversion be performed on all types of tubs?

    In most cases, the answer is yes, unless you have a particularly unusual tub, in which case you will need to consult with Handyman Solutions / The Aging In Place Store regarding whether it is feasible to do so or not. Tub cuts can be performed on tubs made from porcelain, steel, acrylic, fiberglass and cast iron and on many different types of tubs including whirlpool tubs, deck-mounted, and tiled-in tubs.

  • How long does it take to complete a Tub Cut Out / Shower Conversion?

    Handyman Solutions / The Aging In Place Store Factory Trained Service Techs can complete in less than a day and in many cases in as little as 4 hours. A tub made from fiberglass or acrylic usually takes the least amount of time, while tubs made from cast iron or steel will take longer. Once the tub cut has been completed, it usually takes about 24 hours for the re-surfacing materials to dry, making it possible to enjoy a shower on the following day.

  • Can the threshold be completely eliminated?

    Unfortunately not with this particular product. The interior floor of a bathtub does not rest flush against the ground, so it is not possible to eliminate the threshold all together. At a minimum, the threshold must meet the height of the interior tub floor and then extend a little bit above this to keep the water from running out the opening. Handyman Solutions and The Aging In Place Store do offer “Zero Threshold” Roll-In showers but they are a much different product all together.

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