Power Washing Services in Jefferson City

    A fast and a cost effective way to brighten up the look and enhance the value of your property!

    Power Washing for Jefferson City HomesThe very first impression that a visitor forms about your property is based on the appearance of the exterior. Most home and business owners truly appreciate the value of great architecture and well-manicured landscaping. Often however Owners give little consideration to the proper cleaning and maintenance of their exterior siding, gutters, exterior wood, masonry and concrete.

    Maybe the front steps are covered with moss; the concrete walk and driveway is discolored grey or black; the gutters have overflowed and left stains; the siding is covered with unsightly spider webs, mold & mildew. What about the awful looking wooden deck, dock or fence? Remember… visitors will always take notice of these unsightly conditions and form their first impression based on them.

    Unfortunately, these areas become dirty and dingy so slowly that they may not be noticed by someone who sees them on a day-to-day basis. After reading this web page you will probably start to notice what others have been seeing all along when visiting your property.

    We want to help make sure that your first impression is a great one! At Handyman Solutions our state of the art equipment, and gentle power washing techniques, allow us to achieve excellent results without using excessive force to clean and seal most exterior surfaces. The typical response when an owner sees what has been professionally pressure washed and sealed is:

    “Oh my Goodness! – I had no idea it could look this good! – I will have to tell all my friends about you!”

    We do not use excessive damaging heat or pressure

    Our state of the art equipment, and gentle cleaning techniques, allow us to achieve excellent results without using excessive and damaging force to clean your home.

    Our Most Requested Power Washing Services

    Building Exteriors

    Building exteriors are the most common thing that people think about when someone mentions “pressure washing.” That’s because that is where mold and mildew develop the quickest, and is the most visible from the street. Even “maintenance free” exteriors like vinyl siding will often develop unsightly mold and mildew every year or so. Handyman Solutions will use a special mixture of detergents and high-tech equipment to clean your home at low pressures without water intrusion or damage to your plants.


    Jefferson City Pressure Washing ServicesThe black streaks, or haze that form on your exterior gutters are from pollution. There is no way to prevent these black streaks from forming, but you can slow the process down by keeping your gutters clean. These streaks are very difficult to remove, and the chemicals required to remove them successfully are not available to the general public.

    Fortunately, a regular power washing by Handyman Solutions will remove them. However, if you have ignored your gutters so long they are already a consistent shade of gray – be aware that your first cleaning may require tedious and expensive hand scrubbing to look new again.


    Over a period of years, your new driveway will fade from a bright white to a dingy blackish color. This darkening is a combination of mildew, auto exhaust, and tire rubber and grime. This built up grime causes no damage to your drive and can be left alone without worry. However, cleaning a driveway has a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of a home and should be seriously considered if your home is up for sale or soon will be.

    Exterior Wood Restoration

    Pressure washing wood without causing damage takes skill, experience, and the right tools. The last place to learn how to use a pressure washer is on your wood deck. If you have no experience working with a pressure washer, you can do a great deal of damage quickly. Professional deck restoration is not cheap, but if you consider the cost of lumber in today’s marketplace – and the years it adds to the life of your deck – it is a tremendous value.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

    Superior customer service, with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, is the hallmark of Handyman Solutions. This is what truly sets us apart from the competition and will remain our highest priority.

    Handyman Solutions is proud to be a Missouri family owned and operated business. As such you are extremely important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile to earn and then keep your business with our quality Jefferson City handyman services.

    Our Jefferson City Pressure Washing Specialists Provide:

    • Power Washing Services
    • Power Washing Deck
    • Power Washing Siding
    • Pressure Wash House
    • Roof Cleaning
    • Commercial Pressure Washing
    • Deck Cleaning
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Driveway Power Washing

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