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Home Modification Help for Elderly and Disabled Veterans

SAH, SHA & HISA Grants:


The Department of Veterans' Affairs provides three types of grants for veterans to enable them to make home modifications to accommodate for disabilities connected to their military service or for disabilities resulting from aging. These are the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations or HISA Grant, the Specially Adapted Housing or SAH Grant, and the Special Housing Adaptation or SHA Grant. Of these three grants, the HISA Grant is the most appropriate for the elderly because the grant is not limited to those individuals with service-connected disabilities.

Home Improvement and Structural Alteration - HISA Grant


HISA Grants offer financial resources to disabled veterans to make medically necessary modifications to their homes to improve access, mobility, and in particular, to facilitate use of the lavatory facilities. For instance, this grant may cover the addition of handrails, ramps and electrical outlets for installation of medical equipment, roll in showers, and widening of doorways. As mentioned previously, the veteran’s disability does not have to be related to their military service. However, those whose disability is service-connected are eligible for a higher grant amount.


Veterans must have a Veterans Affairs doctor’s prescription that states the diagnosis and the medical reason for needing the home modification. The veteran does not necessarily need to own the home in which the modification is being made, provided they have the permission of the homeowner, as indicated by a signed and notarized statement.

Benefits and Limits

In 2018, the maximum lifetime HISA benefit limit for veterans whose disability is not related to their military service is $2,000. For veterans with service-connected disabilities that limit is $6,800. This limit was last adjusted in 2010.

Application Process

An application for HISA grant is available for download here.Veterans must have a medical prescription stating their name, address, and phone number, the diagnosis resulting in the need for the home modification, as well as what modification is needed. In addition, one contractor bid for the cost of the work is required. One can receive quotes for bathroom modifications from multiple contractors by completing this short form. A color photograph of the area that needs modifications should also be included with the application.

More information is available from the VA here.

Specially Adapted Housing - SAH Grant


SAH Grants, also referred to as 2101(a) Grants, provide financial resources to veterans for home modifications to make their place of residence wheelchair accessible. This grant can be used to build a specially adapted home or to remodel a current home. However, unlike the HISA Grant, this assistance is available only to veterans with service-connected disabilities that include the loss, or loss of function, in at least one of their legs, the loss, or loss of function, of both arms, or blindness in both eyes plus the loss of a leg or the functioning of a leg, or in certain conditions, severe burns.

As this grant is for service related disabilities only, most elderly veterans are not eligible. However, there is no time limit to apply for this grant. Therefore, some individuals may be eligible if they have a disability related to their military service that has become progressively worse with age and eventually has required them to use a wheelchair.


As mentioned above, veterans must have a service related disability that resulted in the loss of, or loss of function, in at least one leg, loss of, or loss of function of both arms, or blindness in both eyes plus either the loss of one leg or the loss of functioning of one leg, or have burns that are particularly severe. More detailed disability requirements are available from the VA here.

Benefits and Limits

The maximum allowable limit for 2018 is $81,080. This figure is adjusted annually based on a cost of construction index. For veterans who will be residing in the home of a family member on a temporary basis, temporary grants, known as a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grants, are available up to $35,593.

Application Process

Veterans should complete VA Form 26-4555 and submit it to their local VA Regional Loan Center.

Special Housing Adaptation - SHA Grant


SHA Grants, also known as 2101(b) Grants, are provided to service-related, disabled veterans to make home modifications necessary to allow them to continue to live independently despite blindness, the loss of use of their hands resulting from an injury sustained during their military service, some injuries resulting from serious burns, or some serious respiratory injuries. This grant can also be used to help an eligible person buy an existing home that has already been modified.


Veterans must be blind in both eyes, have lost the use of both hands, have lost function due to a burn, or have a significant injury that is respiratory in nature.

Benefits and Limits

The maximum SHA grant benefit amount for 2018 is $16,217. If the eligible applicant is living in the home of a relative on a temporary basis, the maximum grant amount is $6,355. This temporary grant is also referred to as a Temporary Residence Adaptation (TRA) grant.

Application Process

Veterans can apply at any VA office. More information can be found on this webpage.

Other Options

Veterans should be aware that there is also assistance for veterans in the form of Veterans-Directed Home and Community Based Services and the Aid and Attendance Program.

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