Environmental Accessibility Adaptations in Jefferson City

Environmental Accessibility Adaptations in Jefferson CityThe Jefferson City remodeling contractors at Handyman Solutions specialize in providing environmental accessibility adaptations home modifications. Environmental accessibility adaptations are physical adaptations to a person’s home that:

  • Are determined to be necessary to meet the needs of the person based on an assessment.
  • Are of direct and specific benefit due to a person’s disability.
  • Enable the participant to function with greater independence.

Our professionals can provide all of the work for any of these home modifications, and we will guarantee your complete satisfaction with the work. We know how important your Jefferson City home is to you and your family, and we’ll always do whatever it takes to make sure that these modifications are totally beneficial to your home.

Our Disability Home Modification Services May Include:

  • Access ramp installations.
  • Chair lifts.
  • Stair lifts or glides.
  • Widening of doorways.
  • Shatterproof window installations.
  • Floor coverings for allergies or safety.
  • Installation and maintenance of ramps and grab-bars.
  • Alarm systems and other requirements of applicable life safety and fire codes.
  • Installation of specialized electric and plumbing systems which can accommodate medical equipment.
  • Bathroom and kitchen modifications or adaptations to make your Jefferson City home safer and more accessible.
  • Monitoring or surveillance systems, including cameras, motion detectors, GPS trackers, and door and window alarms.
  • Home assessments to determine appropriate accessibility adaptations or equipment

Benefits of Accessibility Adaptation Home Modification

Many people living with disabilities or limitations find it difficult to get in and around their homes. Whether it’s because of staircases that are difficult to climb, doorways that are too narrow, or bathrooms that lack sufficient room for wheelchair use and have other barriers that make them difficult or impossible to use without help. Our home modifications can allow individuals to move around their home with easy, and enable them to stay in their homes.

Accessible home modifications, accessibility products and barrier-free design can greatly promote the independence and functional ability of physically challenged and aging individuals.

Often, waivers are available for homeowners in Jefferson City who have disabilities, and large portions of the costs of home modifications can be paid for by the government. Our professionals can help you get an assessment and find all of the financial assistance that you need and deserve. Occupational and physical therapists may also be able to suggest other ways to adapt your home for safety and accessibility.

Why Choose Us?

Handyman Solutions has been providing environmental accessibility adaptations and home modifications to homeowners in Jefferson City since 1998. We work directly with all of our clients and we provide the highest quality workmanship possible at every job that we work so that we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction. We know how important these services are to our clients, and we don’t take our responsibilities lightly.

Our Jefferson City Home Modification Contractors Provide:

  • Housing Adaptations
  • Disability Adaptations
  • Disability Home Modifications
  • Housing Accessibility Services
  • Home Modification Programs
  • Home Modifications
  • Disability Accessibility Adaptations
  • Accessibility Technology
  • Home Modifications for Disabled

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If you’re looking for environmental accessibility adaptations for your Jefferson City home, call Handyman Solutions at 573-635-2708 or 573-449-3400, or fill out our online request form.