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Office Facilities Maintenance and Repair

Building Relationships, Planning Maintenance Solutions

Your company and your needs are unique from every other client we have. You may need us as your on-call emergency service or perhaps your on-call maintenance person. No matter what, our promise remains the same: we will provide you with quality facility maintenance, along with exceptional customer service. Why are we so dedicated to this? Handyman Solutions doesn’t want to just be the company you call when no one else can come - we want to be the first phone call you make… In order to do that, our goal is to get to know you, your company, and your expectations.

We know and appreciate the fact that your business has invested great deal of time, money and effort to search out and hire the hard to find prospective employees that fit your own strict company culture. Even though they may be highly valued and well paid for their knowledge and skill - today’s high quality employees demand certain minimum standards reflected in the atmosphere of the establishment they work as much as - if not more so - than in the the type of work or even pay itself. A well maintained work environment and facility become a seamless part of the overall experience employees and visitors have come to expect. A perceived lack of preventative maintenance and repair is often construed as the business being of sub-par quality and outright neglected. If a business owner cares so little for their facility, how much worse must it be for their employees and visitors?

Let us help you ensure that both employees and visitors alike have a positive experience and impression of your business. When you choose to work with Handyman Solutions, you’re no longer relying on the negative unreliable or “sketchy” contractor stereotype. We make it our responsibility to maintain your carefully crafted experience standards by employing only pleasant, well dressed and expertly trained, motivated and well qualified service techs to complete your inspections and repairs. We are an outside-the-box-thinking company. One that explores and then explains your options to help meet your budget. We coordinate realistic scheduling but most importantly - WE CREATE SOLUTIONS.

Handyman Solutions is here to ensure that your employee’s or visitors experience is not compromised by unsightly or unsafe deferred maintenance, neglect and safety hazards. We will follow your corporate maintenance plan to the letter - or we can use our own vast experience to develop a custom plan just for you.


When scheduling our work we want to limit disruption to your business as much as possible. We take into account noise, prep of work area, odors and drying times in our scheduling, so many, but not all, of our projects are scheduled during hours the business is not operating or at least during slow periods.

Preventative or Planned Maintenance and repair

Preventative or Planned Maintenance, is a much underused, cost effective, system of maintenance. This system relies on the restaurant being regularly inspected so items to be repaired can be bundled into one larger scope of work. Bundling drives down the cost of individual repairs.

Planned, preventative maintenance work can be scheduled around the hours of operations. Much of the work is performed after close or before opening to limit business disruption.and to allow our teams to work in the most efficient manner.

“Emergency” or “Reactive” Maintenance or Repair, is a request for service coming after something breaks or is damaged. These projects are often time sensitive and need to be completed as quickly as possible and are never as cost effective as Preventative or Planned Maintenance.

When possible, this work is completed outside of operating hours. If time sensitivity does not allow for this, we take great care to be as unobtrusive and non-disruptive as possible. Typical emergency maintenance projects may include repair of leaks, fixtures or bathroom facilities.

Hard work and uncompromising honesty and integrity have been the keys to our success. I would love the opportunity to sit down at your convenience and describe how we can partner with you to lower your cost of facilities operations while enhancing its Value, Safety, Brand Image and Appearance. Ongoing Facilities Maintenance and Repair… It’s what WE do BEST!

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