Aging In Place Renovations in Jefferson City

    Aging in Place Remodeling in Jefferson CityAs people age, one of the most important things to many of them is maintaining their independence. No matter how old a person gets, staying in their own homes and in their communities will always be a priority. According to a e2012 report from the AARP, 90% of adults over the age of 65 report that they would prefer to stay in their current homes as they age. This is where our aging in place remodeling services can help.

    At Handyman Solutions, we specialize in providing remodeling services that can help aging adults in the Jefferson City area have more of a choice when it comes to their care and living arrangements. Our professional remodelers can help make sure that the livability and safety of your home are at the highest levels possible so that you won’t lose any of your independence needlessly.

    Aging-in-Place Solutions

    Most home modifications are fairly simple, and they can be very cost-efficient while still providing you with significant benefits.

    Our Jefferson City remodeling contractors can work with you directly to find the best solutions to any livability problems, and we’ll help you maintain the ability to remain in your home and in your community regardless of your age. From installing walk-in tubs to providing simple handle modifications, we’ll make sure that you receive all of the services you need to keep you living where you like for as long as possible.

    Common Aging In Place Remodeling Services

    The biggest concern with elderly people continuing to live on their own is their safety. About 18% of the elderly population in America has some kind of disability, and even more have difficulty walking without the use of a cane or wheelchair. This puts these individuals at a highly increased risk of injury during daily tasks.

    However, with some modifications, your home can be as safe as it ever was, and you can retain your independence without worry. Some of the most common aging in place modifications for homes in the Jefferson City area include:

    • Extra support in the shower, tube, and bathroom.
      The chance of injury is dramatically increased in bathrooms, but with added support measures, this doesn’t need to be a worry.
    • Reinforced stair railings.
      Any inadequate stair railings are a major risk. Our remodeling contractors can ensure that your stairwells are always as safe as possible.
    • Increased lighting.
      Sight is one of the first things that people lose as they age. Our professionals can ensure that the lighting in your Jefferson City home is completely adequate, which can aid with your eyesight and make your home safer.
    • Non-skid flooring.
      Non-skid flooring installations will help ensure that no slips or falls occur anywhere in your home.
    • Alarms and exits.
      Our professionals can help you design and install special alarm systems and easily accessible exits so that if something does occur, you’ll be able to find safety.

    Our Jefferson City Aging In Place Specialists Provide:

    • Aging In Place Design
    • Aging In Place Programs
    • Home Modification for Elderly
    • Senior Home Services
    • Chair Lifts for Elderly
    • Home Lifts
    • Stair Lifts
    • Aging In Place Remodeling
    • Electric Wheelchair Lifts

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