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How long has it been since you updated YOUR restroom?

Consider this fact:


Problem restrooms can have a lasting impact on perceptions of an establishment as a whole. According to a recent survey more than three quarters of respondents said that broken or vandalized dispensers or partitions would negatively impact their overall opinion of the facility. An even greater number, 82 percent, said broken, damaged or vandalized dispensers or partitions would lead them to think the restroom was neglected by management, while more than half said these conditions would cause them to view the restroom and in turn the facility as unsanitary.

A perceived lack of preventative maintenance and repair is often construed as the restaurant being of sub-par quality and outright neglected. If an owner cares so little for their public area of the facility, the most visible portion of their business, how are things maintained behind the scenes where food prep and health standards are critical?

With our professional knowledge and experience with toilet partitions and accessories, be assured that we will complete your project in a timely fashion. We will save you time, money and frustration by doing it right the first time using only manufacturer specific (not common hardware store) parts.

Health code violations

Health code violations are a serious concern, but what about customer perception? Lack of Preventative Maintenance, also called Proactive or Planned Maintenance, is an underutilized piece of the facility maintenance system. The lack of Planned Maintenance gives the impression of sub-par quality or even outright neglect. If an owner cares so little for their own facility, how will they treat food prep? Handyman Solutions will ensure that your restaurant is regularly inspected not only for health violations with the intention of bundling items to be repaired into one larger scope of work that drives down the cost of individual item repair.

This work is scheduled around the restaurant hours of operation.. Much of our Preventative Maintenance work is after close and before opening. This type of scheduling enables us to deliver value to our clients by limiting disruption and giving our technicians the ability to work in an efficient manner.

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