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4 Accessibility Modifications To Keep Your Parents Safe At Home

Accessibility modifications keep parents safe

Making home accessibility modifications to your parent's home in Jefferson City can ensure they stay safe and avoid injuries over the long-term. A fall or injury can significantly affect the quality of life of your parents over the long-term because healing no longer happens quickly. A broken hip is the most common result of senior slip and falls, and almost any type of obstruction can cause a fall.

What are home accessibility modifications? They are simple to complex changes which are made to a home in order to make it easy for your parents to access all areas safely. The more complex modifications can be the perfect alternative for your parents rather than moving them into a nursing home.

Our aging in place specialists recommend you not wait until a life-changing event happens to one of your parents because it's the worst time to try to get the home accessibility modifications done. Instead, we recommend you take some preventive measures now such as the 4 home accessibility modifications below to keep your parents safe in their Jefferson City home.

Installing a walk-in tub

Everyone needs a good soak in the tub once in a while, especially when the bones and muscles start to ache, but getting in and out of a standard tub is impossible and dangerous for those who are aging or have any type of mobility concern from a serious injury.

Installing a walk-in tub in the bathroom of your parent's Jefferson City home can be very therapeutic and beneficial to them. Walk in tubs can be installed in the place of just about any size and shape of bathtub. This is a great home accessibility modification to give your parents so they can take nice hot soaks when they want to.

Sufficient lighting

Dark areas of a home can be a significant obstacle course for anyone who's aging and having balance issues. Even the simple task of cooking a meal can be dangerous for those who don't see as well as they used to. Having good lighting throughout the home is a significant safety strategy for your aging parents.

Level Door thresholds

Problems like unlevel flooring where the tile meets hardwood under the doorway threshold can cause trip and falls for your aging parents. Even if they're not wheelchair-bound, making sure all thresholds are even and safe is an important accessibility modification for any household with a disable or aging person living in the home.

Stair Lifts or Home Elevators

Falling down the stairs is all too easy when you have arthritis, bad eyesight, bad knees, or other health concerns which limit your mobility. Installing a stair lift or home elevator is one of the more complex accessibility modifications you can make to your parent's home.

For this work, you'll need an experienced aging in place home modification expert like our pros at Handyman Solutions in Jefferson City. Make sure the professional you choose is a certified aging in place specialist who's experienced in installing this more complex safety equipment. If you'd like a competitive estimate from an experienced professional who offers top-quality customer service to help you plan your project, call us!

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