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Basement Remodeling in Columbia

Finished basement mo

Living it up on the low.

Or, where can you get bang for your buck when adding space?

You already own the walls and the ceiling, you probably have a cement slab in place, so why not finish that lower level and build your private space?

What you need to know.

A basement remodel is a great way to get that workshop or family room. Using us as your experienced contractor to build it means we can offer you choices for the best values in finishes.

Lets start with the walls

Your basement walls need insulation, but before we get to that we need to determine if your basement will stay dry during those rainy times. When we come out we will check for signs of moisture, if you have a water problem most likely it can be remedied by better gutters, a properly sloped drain field outside your home or a waterproofing system. Now that we took care of your investment lets talk finishes.


Proper lighting can make your lower level cheery and useful. Proper lighting makes you forget your downstairs, general lighting, task lighting and ambiance lights can set the mood for work or play.


Basement flooring can be finished concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl, carpet or even engineered wood products. Lets talk flooring for your finished space. Depending on your tastes and budget we can come up with the right floor for you.

Walls and ceiling

Todays wallboard products are mold and moisture resistant, proper ventilation and attention to detail means any wall or ceiling surface can be used in your space and be finished with paneling, wallpaper or paint.

Basement Finishing

Basements and lower level areas are quick and easy to makeover, they cost less than above ground improvements and return a good value for money spent. Why think about a larger home, just finish the space in your existing home and lower your utility bill at the same time.

Special Renovations

A wine cellar for your collection, a climate controlled cigar room for the guys, a movie viewing room for friends and family. All these are possible and easy to do. Just call us for a meeting on how we can transform that unused lower level into a comfortable and valuable

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