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Handyman Solutions has built a reputation in the McGirk, MO area. We want to extend our reputation to you and your family through our handyman and remodeling services. We offer up front pricing and a level of customer service that will make you happy.

Don’t take chances trying to pull off your own home repairs. Repairs and installations are not easy types of handyman work. Besides, that’s what we’re here for. Our goal is to make your home free of problems on the inside and out.

Universal design is great for just about everyone. It means that if you have a disability or handicap, you can live the same way as others without having to modify your home greatly. We’ll make your home liveable and safe.

Some of the modifications that we have done in the past are adding extra floor space, add-ons in the bathroom, wider doorways, and more. Our team of indoor construction experts have the skill and experience.

McGirk Remodeling Contractor

How much value to you put into your home? Are there things that you want to do to it to make it look better? Maybe and addition? Anything like that can be done by our McGirk remodeling contractors.

Our remodeling company takes the time to create an addition that will increase the value of your home. Additions extend the space that you already have so you don’t need to look for a bigger, more expensive home.

A home addition can give you more space. If you’re currently pressed for space in the home, call Handyman Solutions. We’ll add a great deal of usable square footage to the home so there’s more space for family members to get around.

McGirk Handyman Repairs

Home maintenance is a form of McGirk handyman repairs. Maintenance continues to keep up with the home retaining the value and appeal. No one wants a home they are embarrassed of. You want a home that you can be proud of as we can do the following:

  • Bathroom home maintenance
  • Garage repairs
  • Kitchen repairs
  • Outdoor home maintenance

Don’t call anyone else to take care of your handyman work. Once your significant other has given you that “honey-do” list, hand it over to us. Everything on that list will be taken care of in no time and always done affordably.

Contact the professional McGirk remodeling contractors at Handyman Solutions where all of your needs can be met. We’re the jack of all trades kind of company that can make your home safer to live in.

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If you are looking for a McGirk handyman or remodeling contractor, please call Handyman Solutions at 573-635-2708 or 573-449-3400 or fill out our online request form.