Jefferson City Roof Cleaning and Why Do It?

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Roof cleaning seems at first to be just another service to sell. I thought it was. Then I looked into it.

Why clean your roof?

Roof cleaning before

Before Roof cleaning

A clean roof is better because over time algae and moss will compromise the integrity of your shingles. For the proud homeowner ugly streaking on your roof will make your home appear dingy and unkempt. You mow your lawn and remove debris from your property to keep it looking clean and tidy, a roof is no different.

Also a periodic cleaning can double as a health check up for the current condition of your roof, your home, your most valued possession is protected by your roof.

How do you clean a roof?

Roof cleaning after

After Roof cleaning

A high pressure wash can knock loose granules off your roof, and the granules are what keep your roof from deteriorating, so a gentle cleaning method is preferred.

Fact: Power washing to remove algae will remove shingle content.

Fact: There are roof cleaning products that do not require high pressure hosing.

Handyman Solutions uses an EPA approved gentle cleaner applied with a low pressure wash, We can clean composition (asphalt based) or cedar shakes. While at your home we can also do debris removal, gutter cleaning and repairs.

What will it cost?

Because homes differ in size and roofs will be different in steepness and need of cleaning, prices are given at the home. Handyman Solutions offers different roof cleaning packages at a good value to the homeowner.

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